If you're a regular reader of Pocket Gamer, you'll know that our Platinum Awards are handed out (on average) about once a year across all formats.

So, the smartphone debut of one such winner, SolaRola, should certainly pique your interest.

SolaRola is at heart a physics-puzzler in the LocoRoco mould, and it centres on two blobs named Wiz and Waz as they journey from planet to planet in order to stop the evil machinations of the villainous Ping the Unmerciless.

Naturally, gravity and a whole host of obstacles (including explosive Cherry Bombs to strike down baddies) stand in the way of progress.

Rob Hearn described the Java edition of SolaRola as "playful and ingenious at every turn" in his 2007 review. It'll be interesting to see if it can stand up to the stiff physics-puzzling competition on iOS and Android later this year.