UPDATE: Bulkypix has told us the game will be out on Thursday

It's not often that such an interesting- and attractive-looking game as Autumn Dynasty could surface without some kind of pre-release chatter, so it's a bit of a surprise that this brushstroke RTS has managed to remain under the radar for so long.

A finalist in the 2009 IGF China Student competition, Autumn Dynasty can be crudely described as a mixture of Total War's grand RTS battles and cult PS2 hit Okami's art style and brush mechanics.

As you can see from its trailer below, Autumn Dynasty's action takes place in ancient China, with your combined forces directed via your strokes.

The action looks to be fast and a tiny bit frantic, with the pseudo-painted look lending the 3D graphics a surprising amount of character.

No release date has been attached to the title just yet, but Bulkypix appears to be publishing. We'll no doubt find out more about the game in the coming months.

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