Farsight Studios has released a new add-on pack for classic table sim Pinball Arcade, now available for iOS and Android.

If you've already mastered the William's Tales of the Arabian Nights table, then you might want to try your hand at the carnival delights of Cirqus Voltaire, complete with antagonistic ringmaster and integrated dot matrix display.

Also, if you fancy being roundly mocked by a bobblehead, you can drop some coin on the Funhouse table, which involves coaxing the disembodied Rudy to sleep so you can shoot a ball into his open mouth.

PS Vita owners who reside in North America can look forward to receiving both this brand-new expansion and the first table pack (containing Medieval Madness and Bride of Voltaire) in June.

There's no word yet on when European Vita owners can expect to receive these expansion packs, though both have been submitted to Sony for approval.

The key of imagination

Finally, the Pinball Arcade dev has set up a Kickstarter page to bring the oft-requested Twilight Zone table to Pinball Arcade.

Farsight is offering potential pledgers various incentives if the target is reached, and new licences if extra money is donated (Star Trek: The Next Generation table, anyone?).

The Cirqus Voltaire and Funhouse tables are currently available on iOS as IAPs for £1.99 / $2.99 each. The game itself costs 69p / 99c. You can pick up Pinball Arcade on Android, however, for free, and play the Cirqus Voltaire table unlimited this month for nowt. Funhouse'll cost you $2.99, mind.

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