First-class line-drawing puzzler Trainyard has just alighted at the Google Play station as part of Noodlecake's iOS-to-Android 'Game A Week Project'.

Previously exclusive to iOS, Matt Rix's challenging transportation-themed title involves steering coloured trains to their colour-coded destinations by drawing tracks between the stations.

Before long, you'll find yourself having to guide several trains onto a single track, and even merge colours to get your locomotives home.

Right on schedule

Noodlecake made news last week by declaring it had found a way of running iOS code natively on Android devices. To back up this claim, the studio has pledged to port one iOS game across to Android every week during the next few months.

Last Thursday, then, the studio helped Lunar Racer make its Android debut. Next week, Noodlecake will launch the Android version of block-destroying puzzler Tiki Lavalanche.

If you want to sample Noodlecake's freshly ported wares, you can find Trainyard on the Google Play Store for 61p now [download].


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