Charming iOS adventure title Machinarium has finally found its way onto Android devices.

Picking up numerous Best Indie Game awards upon its PC release, Amanita Design's beautifully presented tale of a little robot searching for his sweetheart struck a chord with point-and-click fans everywhere.

While exploring a rust-tinged steampunk city, you must solve brain-taxing puzzles, drive the evil Black Cap Brotherhood out of town, and rescue his metallic maiden before she winds up in the recycling bin.

The iPad version earned a PG Gold Award last year, so we have high hopes for this Android edition of Machinarium.

It's worth noting that though this 'droid port is well suited to large-screened Android handsets, the game is still best played on a tablet display, due to the intricate nature of some of the puzzles.

If you want to discover Machinarium, you can find it on the Google Play Store for £2.49 / $3.99 now [download].

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