After the resounding success of his iPhone endless-flyer Tiny Wings, German developer Andreas Illiger has remained pretty darn quiet about his next move.

That all changed last month, when the Tiny Wings creator gave an interview with Flow Studios at the A MAZE gaming festival in Berlin.

While Illiger refused to release any details about his new game, he did tell Flow that he has been working on a new iOS title for the past ten months and that it is a few weeks away from being finished.

Success is "scary"

Of equal interest in the interview is Illiger's take on the success of Tiny Wings and how it impacted on his day-to-day life.

He admitted that his newfound celebrity status made his a "really hard life", as he struggled to negotiate licensing rights, merchandising rights, as well as plans to turn Tiny Wings into a motion picture.

Still, it was refreshing to read that the success hasn't changed Illiger as a person too much. He still lives in a small flat, has yet to option the rights to Tiny Wings, and hasn't splurged on anything bar a new computer.

As to what type of computer he bought, Illiger provided no further details. Clearly, he is a man who enjoys his secrets.

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