Xseed Games recently revealed it plans to release the popular Japanese PS Vita RPG Ragnarok Odysessy in the US later this year.

Set in a Norse fantasy world similar to that of Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Odyssey features the same fast-paced combat that has contributed to Ragnarok Online's popularity.

A heroic six pack

Although much of the focus of Ragnarok Odyssey is on melee combat, the game makes an effort to accommodate players with different playstyles.

Ragnarok Odyssey allows you to completely customise your characters, once you've chosen an initial class for them. The six classes available to you include the sharpshooting Hunters, the slow (but devastating) Hammersmiths, the nimble Assassins, and the support magic specialists, the Clerics.

Capitalising on the Vita's online connectivity, Ragnarok Odyssey features a co-op mode that supports up to four players via ad hoc play.

Ragnarok & Roll

Released in Japan in February 2012, Ragnarok Odyssey represents a collaborative effort between Game Arts and GungHo Online Entertainment.

Xseed Games has not provided an official release date or pricing information, and it's keeping its cards regarding a European debut close to its chest.