Less a news story, more a news snippet at this stage, but RIM's head of games Anders Jeppsson has confirmed over 50 classic Amiga games are coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

A full list of titles is yet to be announced, but Jeppsson said that he had sent his own wish list of games to Amiga including the likes of the Turrican series, Defender of the Crown and Alien Breed.

Blanks to be filled

It's not clear what business model will be used. We'd expect some sort of in-app purchase system so you can buy the games you want.

Something else to be confirmed is that what other plaforms Amiga will be releasing on.

The PlayBook release will be exclusive for a certain period of time, but we'd expect the games to turn up on iOS, if not also Android.

More news as we get it....