Ex-Halfbrick veteran Tony Takoushi's new development studio Total Arkade Software has just released AbraWordabra - an interesting word game for iOS, Android, and bada.

AbraWordabra features four different game modes: Fill the Gap, Miss Spell, Float On, and Ultimate Genius.

In the first two modes, you attempt to fill in missing word blanks and seek out misspellings, respectively. In the other two game modes, you're tasked with guiding a balloon to a magic book and reaching a target score by creating any words you can think of.

Word up

It looks like future updates will introduce even more content to the game, including characters and game modes.

"We have the first three lots of DLC ready to go and they include a new character, a brand-new mode and more levels... so a lot for buyers to look forward to," Takoushi said.

AbraWordabra is available on the iPhone for 69p / 99c [buy], and Android for 63p [buy]

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