It looks like wearable computers aren't the only gadgetry Half-Life 2 developer Valve has an interest in: the Washington-based company's co-founder, Gabe Newell, has revealed that his team is currently looking into an "open hardware solution in both the living-room and mobile spaces".

"We're looking hard at both the living-room space and the mobile space to try to see if we can create open hardware platforms that the industry can use so we can get out of proprietary traps that we're headed in both of those," Newell said in an interview with SevenDayCooldown.

According to Newell, his company is yet to make any final decisions on the possible upcoming hardware. He followed up by saying that Valve has "no reason to believe we can be any good", but "hopefully we have something to add there".

Back in October, Newell said that the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Apple "view themselves as more rent guys who are essentially driving their partner margins to zero". Valve obviously wants to be different.