Following hot on the heels of Cafeteria Nipponica, vaunted Japanese developer Kairosoft has announced that it is ready to take its fans to school with its next game for Android: Pocket Academy.

In Pocket Academy, a player takes control of the entire school planning everything from the school's layout, to classes offered, and staffing.

You get 11 years to get a small institution to the top of the league tables, producing the country’s future doctors and politicians. All the while you need to balance the books and expand across the world map with ever more advanced facilities.

A classical education

Of course, the mechanics of Pocket Academy are similar to other Kairosoft titles like Dungeon Village wherein players built villages to attract more experienced adventurers.

And, the game's already been released on iOS. Will loved its surreal nature, giving it a Silver Award, commenting, "Slow to start, and surprisingly easy to fail at first, give Pocket Academy time and it’ll grip just as hard as Kairosoft’s previous management games".

Similar to Kairosoft’s other Android titles like Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story, or Cafeteria Nipponica, it is reasonable to speculate that Pocket Academy will most likely cost $4.99.

Via: Kairosoft