Long before the Game Boy launched, Nintendo had cornered the market in portable gaming with its Game & Watch series of handheld electronic games.

Now extremely retro-cool, these arcade-style game modules have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, and a Soviet-era knockoff of one of the rarest Game & Watch titles has come to Google Play this week.

Developer Celtic Spear has released Eggs Deluxe, a port of the 1981 Game & Watch release Egg or, more accurately, the 1980s Russian Game & Watch clone Nu, pogodi! to Google Play for the low, low price of free.

The game comes with advertisements, which can be disabled with an in-app purchase of 50c.

Don't count your chickens...

At 1.7MB, it’s difficult to find a case against the retro gameplay of Eggs Deluxe, although Game & Watch purists will argue that it is not a faithful port of the original.

Still, the Soviet-era cartoon wolf adds a bit of extra kitschy appeal to the game’s overall charm.

In terms of gameplay, Eggs Deluxe is little more than a simple - but challenging – minigame. Four chickens lay an endless cascade of eggs and you must move the wolf back and forth between the chickens so he can catch them in his basket. Miss three eggs, and it’s game over.

You can find it here [Google Play link].