Hicham Allaoui has brought his quirky platformer CheeseMan to Google Play for the wonderful and enticing price of "free".

At 18MB, CheeseMan is a small game that packs a punch.

With 42 levels spread across three game worlds and an incredible retro soundtrack by the incredibly named BubbleGum Octopus, you would be hard-pressed to find a better platformer for the price on Google Play.


Clearly inspired by the likes of Mario, the game is also reminiscent of Super Meatboy and Raving Rabbids Travel in Time (which, coincidentally, Hicham Allaoui also worked on).

In our Silver Award review of the iOS version of CheeseMan, we called it "… a tricky, hyperactive love letter to the past and the present" and it's sure to delight fans of classic SNES platform adventure games thanks to its relatively simple controls and complex challenges.

Of particular interest in the Google Play listing is the promise that "Updates will be frequent", which hopefully means that more levels, challenges, and hilarious bosses await fans of cheesy (but not cheesy) platform adventure.

You can get CheeseMan from Google Play here.

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