Developer Bytebin has announced that Deepworld, its 2D open-world crafting game, is entering beta.

To celebrate it's released a new trailer to show off aspects of the gameplay, while also doing the done thing and launching a Kickstarter page.

Unabashedly inspired by Minecraft, Deepworld is a love letter to the sandbox game genre. Players can scour the 2D world in search of tools, machines, crafting materials, and rare treasures, while avoiding the attention of wandering monsters.

When the urge to explore has passed, player can build anything from buildings to complex machinery and show it off to the entire Deepworld community or just to friends.

Building castles in the clouds

What sets Deepworld apart from Minecraft, however, is that it will be launching for iOS and will ambitiously offer players the opportunity to log into a persistent, online sandbox with a night/day cycle and weather effects.

Additionally, Deepworld will be available in a Mac version that shares the online universe with the mobile iOS version allowing for cross-platform play.

There's no official release date for Deepworld, but a successful beta would mean that it won't be long before you can don your bowler hat, heft your pickaxe, and set out to make a corner of Deepworld your very own.

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