Semi Secret Software has updated its ambient aquatic adventure Aquaria to make it compatible with the new iPad's Retina display.

It's also decided to put the game on sale.

But all good things must come to an end - the sale finishes on Sunday.

Retina updates for free?

The decision to roll out HD support for Aquaria stands in stark contrast to EA's controversial business decision over Tetris for iPad.

While Semi Secret Games could have released a new version, say, Aquaria HD, it decided instead to update the existing version, preventing customers from having to buy the same game twice.

Still to give EA its due, it was effectively releasing a new game; giving it the same name as a game it had previously pulled from the store was the totally confusing point.

Anyhow - while there's no official trailer of the new 2048x1536 resolution, those interested in Aquaria can view the original non-Retina trailer below:

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