Indie development team The Men Who Wear Many Hats is bringing a Director's Cut of Organ Trail - its zombie-filled Flash homage to classic educational title The Oregon Trail - to iOS and Android.

In case you aren't familiar with either title, they're both side-scrolling games that present you with problem-solving scenarios. Naturally, in Organ Trail, these tend to revolve around flesh-eaters.

This Director's Cut, which should be available sometime in May for around £1.99 / $2.99, will arrive packing several new features not found in the free Flash version of the game, including a new UI, boss fights, extra modes, and car upgrades.

Organ Trail has been "faithfully recreated" to look like an Apple II title. And, yes, you can still die from dysentery.

You can play the free Flash version of the game right now by heading over to the developer's website. Keep your eyes peeled for a mobile release.

Flash version of Organ Trail pictured above.