Demonstrating its cross-platform ability, Polish developer AB Interactive is has gone full out with its game Final Space.

A high-end 3D tunnel-based space shooter, it's just been released for iOS, Android and devices running Samsung's bada OS.

Part of the reason for the latter is that the studio's debut game helicopter combat game FinalStrike3D was a winner of Samsung's bada Global Developer Challenge.

Roll and fire

But back to Final Space.

It features 48 missions in the Story mode, and there's also a Survival mode for you to try.

The action is spread across different planetary areas - Solar System, Alpha Centauri, Procyon System and Sirius System - as you pilot your X-Wing-style ship through action-packed scenarios, upgrading your weapons inbetween levels using in-game currency or in-app purchases.

Control options include tilt or virtual pad, but it's the arcade gameplay and shiny special effects that really catch our eye.

Final Space is out now for iOS, Android and bada, priced around $1.99, €1.69 or £1.49.

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