It's not a massive surprise since it was demoing the game at GDC, but US outfit Crescent Moon has stated it's going to be publishing Mutant Storm.

Via Twitter, MD Josh Presseisen confirmed the deal, signing off, "Bring on full retina power at 60fps!"

Eye of the...

Developed by UK indie PomPom, Mutant Storm was one of the first Xbox Live Arcade titles; its fast-moving topdown arcade style and psychedelic graphics (think Geometry Wars on acid) gaining plenty of attention.

You control a spaceship, fighting through 89 rooms filled with enemies, which must be defeated in a certain time. Faster times mean more points.

What's interesting about the deal, however, is that Crescent Moon has been a specialist in RPGs, while PomPom has previously self-published on iOS.

Its games to-date include Space Tripper and Monkey Bump. It also released a bunch of games under Sony's PSP Mini's program and on Steam.

Together, we're hoping the combination of Crescent Moon's fanbase and the well proven gameplay of Mutant Storm will result in something special.

You can get some idea of the gameplay in the following video.

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