The iPhone version of nostalgia-inducing Japanese RPG Symphony of Eternity has had its App Store price tag temporarily slashed to 69p / 99c.

A classic turn-based title in the mould of Final Fantasy, this old skool combination of questing, combat, magic, and - of course - melodrama charges you with recovering the legendary wish-giving weapon Regralute.

You're going to have to rely on a host of skills and abilities to reach your goal in one piece, a task that is made that little easier by the absence of random encounters.

This means enemies can be flanked, surprised, or even avoided altogether (if you prefer).

A tale worth telling

We were undeniably won over by the game's traditional charms, handing it a Silver Award on review.

You can pick up Symphony of Eternity on iPhone for 69p / 99c for a limited time only.