UPDATE: Initial story suggested the games were originally for the ZX Spectrum. Elite Systems has dropped us a line to say that there are no Spectrum versions in the collection, but the titles were designed for "another very popular, 8-bit home computer system". Edited story follows:

Elite Systems has dropped us a line to say that its collection of 8-bit games for iOS has been approved by Apple and will be arriving on the App Store this weekend.

The app, called World of Retro Computer Games, costs an initial 69p / 99c, and comes with the classic action-platformer Bruce Lee, strategy game Archon, and eight other classic 8-bit titles.

If you're not willing to risk the cash upfront, there will also be the option of downloading a Lite version, which comes with just Bruce Lee.

The firm promises to keep updating the app with additional titles for purchase every month, with over 100 more classics planned for the future.

World of Retro Computer Games will be out soon on iOS for 69p / 99c.