Zombie Farm developer The Playforge has just released a new free-to-play casual title for the iPhone and iPad called Tree World.

This colourful card collecting game tasks you with nurturing and growing a large tree, which is destined to become the home of 60 mystical creatures.

"Tree World takes the novelty of collectible card games and modernises it with adorable critters that you collect within the app," Vince McDonnell, CEO of The Playforge, said.

You can collect and trade the game's cute critters, which include everything from small turtles to magical unicorns, by connecting with your Facebook buddies and other Tree World players from around the world.

"Trading in Tree World was designed to be as simple as possible and can be done with Facebook friends, and other Tree World players," McDonnell continued.

A slight spruce

When you've successfully grown your tree a little, you can spruce up each of your tree's branches with flowers, moss, mushrooms, and other earthy treats - all of which have different effects on your critters.

Tree World is available on the App Store as a Universal app completely free of charge, but you can spend your hard-earned cash on in-app purchases that give you extra items and beasties.

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