Kode80's old skool platformer 1-bit Ninja was already chock-full of frustrating leaps and tight spaces, and thanks to an update today, this addictive iPhone title is packing even more madness.

First off, this refresh introduces all wannabe ninjas to a new area, entitled World 5, which features more of the same great masochistic gameplay.

The bigger change to the game, however, is the checkpoint system. You can now create restart points along the big levels so that when you die (and you will, more than likely, die a lot), you won't have to go through the entire level again.

Released last summer, 1-bit Ninja picked up a Silver Award from us. At the time, Will Wilson said, "Each level may take quite a few attempts to beat completely, but the excellent sound, graphics, controls, and childhood memories of a more innocent time will spur you on for just one more go."

The 1-bit Ninja 1.20 update is available for download now on the iPhone.

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