If you enjoy playing Shadowgun THD on your Tegra 3-powered Android tablet, you might have been a little put out when the non-Tegra version of Shadowgun received a free four-level expansion in January and the Tegra 3 edition received... well, nothing.

You might have got angrier still when you discovered that iOS gamers had been merrily blasting their way through this new Shadowgun content since Christmas.

Happily, the time has come to uncross those arms and suck in that bottom lip, as the full expansion pack, entitled Datadisc, is now available for the Tegra 3 version of Shadowgun.

The bonus levels pick up from where the regular campaign left off. To help you complete these additional stages, your left hand is introduced to an extra weapon type. To hinder your progress, however, an all-new creature has surfaced. And he ain't happy.


Furthermore, franchise protagonist John Slade can now get physical with the added roll mechanic, and can enjoy a more balanced combat experience thanks to the "tuned" difficulty, enemy, and weapon settings.

Finally, there are some Tegra 3-specific graphical enhancements and a brand-new soundtrack included in this major refresh.

Shadowgun THD owners can download this update free of charge now. If you want to try it out (and own the appropriate hardware), you can find Shadowgun THD on the Google Play Store going for £3.49 / £4.99.