Developer Idle Games, which was set up by Playdom co-founder and former Zynga labourer Rick Thompson, has just released its maiden Facebook title in the form of polytheistic god game Idle Worship.

In this Black & White-esque title, you must collaborate with your Facebook buddies in order to create a large religion and vie for the adoration of your friends, complete strangers, and the game's race of cute creatures: Mudlings.

You can treat your worshippers nicely and shower them with gifts, or rule with an iron fist and infect them with nasty diseases like cholera. Ultimately, though, you'll have to protect them against real-time attacks from competing gods.

On your knees

"When we founded Idle Games, we asked why limit your gameplay experience to your immediate friends, why not have the option to play synchronously, why not make a game that's fun, full of humor, and as elegant as your imagination allows," Rick Thompson, Idle Games co-founder, said.

"Social games are maturing. Idle Worship is the genesis of a new era."

If you fancy firing up Idle Worship and terrorising your devoted followers, head on over to Facebook and give it a whirl.

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