InnoGames has just dropped some new info regarding its upcoming browser-based strategy title Forge of Empires.

Starting out in the Stone Age, you must build a city - divided into 80 neighbourhoods - and then nurture its growth through the ages.

During the game, you can choose whether to expand your military forces and conquer surrounding cities, or unite with those nearby for mutual gain.

Friend or foe?

Win a battle, and you will be able to pilfer supplies from your enemy's city. Lose, and you will see your own resources dwindle as the opposing commander reaps his reward.

Alternatively, you can assist allies by strolling around their cities and helping to increase productivity, which is achieved by motivating workers and sprucing up the streets.

If you fancy a sneek peek at Forge of Empires, you can sign up for the closed beta, which is due to start soon.