The games have been played, the votes have been tallied, and it's now official: Beat Sneak Bandit has been named Best Mobile Game at the Independent Games Festival 2012.

An annual celebration of all things free-spirited and underfunded, this event - held as part of the Game Developers Conference - shines a spotlight on smaller indie projects usually overshadowed by their big-budget brethren.

Alongside the usual batch of console and PC nominees this year were some of the smartest, prettiest, and oddest smartphone titles known to man. And Pocket Gamer.

Best of the rest

Thought-provoking iOS horticultural puzzler Waking Mars found its way onto the shortlist for Best Mobile Game, while quirky resource-management title Pug Loves Beats was selected as a finalist in the Excellence in Audio category.

In the end, though, Simogo's beautiful rhythm-centric stealth-puzzler Beat Sneak Bandit proved to be the smartphone game that made the biggest impression on the judges, sneaking past its peers to steal the Best Mobile Game prize of $3,000.

You can have a look at the full list of IGF winners and finalists by clicking on this link.