The Pocket Gamer Awards 2012 may have now retired after partying hard, but like that wayward cousin you spent a summer holiday with, the Pocket Gamer Readers' Choice Awards 2012 aren't quite ready for bed yet.

Right now, for instance, they're focused on getting you to feed their insatiable appetite for votes. And if you visit the Readers' Choice 2012 section on PG, you'll note that you'll get the opportunity to do just that.

Following a period of 'open nominations', we've now selected the ten most popular games per category and listed them for you so that you can pick your favourite.

We'll run this for a couple of weeks, after which point we'll announce the winners. By then, the number of votes should ensure the PG Readers' Choice Awards 2012 will be ready to crash out for another 12 months.

And it'll also give me the time to think up some new angles for all the PG Awards-related stories we'll run next year.