We all know that war is no barrel of laughs, so it's strange that military conflict is such a staple of videogames.

First-person shooters love a good battle, and so do plenty of action-adventure games these days, but the strategy game is undoubtedly the thinking man's way to wage war.

And Great Little War Game is a superb example. Instead of running towards the opposition all-guns-blazing, you'll need to position your troops with care, and take advantage of your surroundings to succeed.

For instance, place your sniper out in the open, and he'll be picked off within a turn or two.

But give him some high ground to work from, and he'll enjoy boosts to range and accuracy, allowing him to disrupt enemy movements from afar.

That's just one example, and Great Little War Game is always keeping you on your toes, meaning one strategy may win the battle, but you'll have to be adaptable to win the war.