Mike Capps, President of Epic Games, took to the stage at Apple's "the new iPad" event today to reveal the first tantalising moving images of Infinity Blade Dungeons.

Moving away from the gameplay of previous Infinity Blade titles, Dungeons takes the Unreal Engine-powered series into the realm of Diablo - switching the view to an isometric angle above the battlefield.

Beat down

Your quest this time around has also changed. Rather than hunt down a big baddie like the God King, your big bruising warrior is trying to craft the titular Infinity Blade itself.

It's a prologue, then, but that doesn't mean the graphics have taken a backward step with the story. Capps stressed this point on stage by stating that the new iPad now runs at a higher resolution and has more RAM than modern home consoles.

Infinity Blade Dungeons will be out a little later this year exclusively on iOS. Check out the video below for some of those eye-catching graphics in action (be warned: it does contain spiders).

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