Cave's bullet-hell blaster DoDonPachi Maximum will be available exclusively on Windows Phone devices from March 7th.

This latest entry in Cave's infamous shooter franchise follows very much in the footsteps of DoDonPachi Resurrection, featuring some familiar enemies, and, of course, a relentless barrage of pink and blue plasma.

As with previous mobile entries in the series, you swipe your finger across the screen to control the vertically scrolling ship, as it blasts its way through wave after wave of alien aggressors.

Laser-guided bomb ready

The game adapts its difficulty based on player performance, ensuring newcomers won't be alienated straight away and veterans won't be yawning before the end screen.

You'll also be treated to remixes of a few fan favourites from the series, courtesy of resident composer WaSi303.

Window Phone users will be able to grab DoDonPachi Maximum on March 7th for £2.99 /$4.99.

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