Sony Japan Studio's PS Vita debut Gravity Rush is slated to hit the UK and Europe on June 13th.

This stylish adventure game from Silent Hill producer Keiichiro Toyama sees you control Kat, a young girl who's lost her memory yet gained the ability to control gravity - the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, eh.

Left to wander the cel-shaded city of Hekseville, Kat can run up the side of buildings, leaping from surface to surface using the Vita's twin-analogue sticks, touchscreen, and gyro controls.

No rush

Gravity Rush actually touched down in Japan earlier this month, and received plenty of critical acclaim.

We Europeans will get an opportunity to try it out for ourselves on June 13th, when it will be made available in both physical and digitial formats. You lucky US citizens, meanwhile, will be able to get your hands on it on June 12th.

While you're counting down the hours until mid-June, why not take a peek at the Gravity Rush trailer below and check out our hands-on with the game.

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