It looks like Limbo, the otherworldly console platformer from indie dev Playdead, may soon be making the leap to iOS and Android.

Tongues started wagging when the Danish company posted a job listing for a programmer to port its games to new platforms.

The advertisement states that the platforms under consideration by Playdead for this porting process include iOS, Windows 8, and Android.

Given that Limbo is the only game the company has published to date, it's probably safe to assume that at least some of the new programmer's attention will be focused on porting the spooky IP to these other platforms.

Alone in the dark

Limbo garnered a lot of attention when it crept onto the Xbox Live Arcade in 2010. The game's haunting black-and-white visuals and deeply unsettling atmosphere struck a chord with critics and gamers alike.

We think the game's simple controls and minimalist artwork would work brilliantly on mobile handsets, so we'll be keeping two eyes firmly fixed on this one.

The listing also mentions Playdead's latest project - a new IP reportedly powered by the Unity engine - which we're hoping will also find its way to mobile platforms when it steps out of the shadows.

NowGamer [via VG247]

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