Direct sequels to Silver award-winning DS games Pokemon Black and White will hit Japan this summer according an announcement made on Japanese TV show Pokemon Smash.

The game's director Junichi Masuda appeared on the show to share some information on Pokemons Black and White 2 which, rather than directly support the 3DS are set to hit Japan this June for the older handheld, the Nintendo DS.

Obviously, they will also work on the 3DS, but targeting the DS means Nintendo can reach the widest audience.

Pokemon Black/White 2 will be a whole new adventure set in the Unova region. The fifth generation of Pokemon will also return with some new additions (pictured above) to the series' overwhelming 647 critter roster.

Expect more info when the next issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro hits shelves next month, or check out the Japanese teaser website.

Both games are set to hit Japan this summer and the US and Europe in Autumn this year.