In keeping with tradition, we have a number of Angry Birds-related news items to talk about this week, with the big one naturally being Angry Birds Space (and a fictional tie-in with The Muppets).

Thankfully, we do also talk about other things, such as Jagex CEO's comments about the App Store being killed, why on earth EA Mobile released Battlefield 3: Aftershock in the first place, and Pokemon. Fake Pokemon.

New releases are fairly low-key this week, with Midway (Midway! Midway!) Arcade the biggest name (and one we lay into the most... possibly unfairly). I also try and explain why I'm inexorably drawn to things that license Monopoly, thanks to the release of Monopoly Hotels.

In terms of What We've Been Playing, I've been shooting a round in Fairway Solitaire, Peter and Keith gang up on me about Grand Theft Auto 3, and Jon's been playing god in The Sandbox.