The latest update to popular turn-based iPhone multiplayer title Hero Academy has delivered a bevvy of new features, including a whole new team to lead into battle.

That's right: the Dwarves have come to the Academy playfields, ready to challenge humans, elves, and anyone else who dares utter the word 'short' within earshot.

While you'll have to part with some precious metal (£1.49 / $1.99) if you want to lead the Dwarves into battle, every single Hero Academy player will get the Dwarven-themed playfield - complete with teleportation squares - for free.

Your turn

As part of this latest update, a "Next Game" button has been added to cut down loading times, and there's a fresh batch of unlockable achievements and leaderboards for competitive types to obsess over.

Elsewhere, issues with prolonged delays in people taking their turn in Hero Academy have been addressed, meaning you will now auto-forfeit a match if you don't submit a move within seven days of starting a random game. That deadline is extended to 14 days if you're playing a custom match, though.

Robot Entertainment has also been kind enough to include German language support, balance changes to a few characters, and let you listen to your own music while playing.

If you haven't already signed up, the Bronze Award-winning Hero Academy is available on the App Store for free right now.