Bang Bang Racing THD developer Atomicom is bringing a crazy golf-cum-Micro Machines title called House of Golf to iOS and Android in April.

The title, which will boast "console-quality graphics" and "addictive arcade gameplay", will feature 45 different holes spread across five unique locations: Garage, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, and Attic.

When House of Golf arrives, you'll be able to jump into Championship mode, compete for trophies, and unlock new courses.

There'll also be a Practice mode, which will allow you to perfect your skills on any hole of your choosing; and a Hotseat Multiplayer mode, which will let you challenge seven of your best buddies to a round or three.


House of Golf is already 90 per cent complete, but Atomicom wants to spend some extra time "refining the controls and the overall polish of the game".

This extra work will be funded by a Kickstarter-esque program called Appbackr, which allows anybody with cash to spare to help fund, market, and distribute forthcoming apps and games.

Unlike the aforementioned Kickstarter campaign, however, you can earn a return on the cash you stump up in advance of an app's launch. Ponying up $105, for example, can earn you $162 when House of Golf lands in the App Store and Android Market.

Head on over to House of Golf's official Appbackr page if you fancy investing in it.