Over the weekend, developer Zach Gage released a short preview video of an all-new competitive multiplayer game mode for his Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning word title SpellTower.

In said mode, you compete with an opponent to create words from lettered tiles before they fully fill your screen. Any words that you manage to construct are sent to your competitor's device, filling their screen quicker.

A grey background that sits behind your own letters will show you just how high your opponent's current stack of lettered tiles is, so you always know just how close to defeat he is.

This multiplayer mode, which will work over Bluetooth and will be delivered in an imminent update, will allow you to compete with other iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users. You don't have to be playing on identical devices, in other words.

Spell it out

If you're not a massive fan of competitive multiplayer gaming, fear not: this new mode is just one element of the forthcoming update. According to Gage, several non-multiplayer modes are also in the works.

"Expect a few choices when the update hits," Zach said.

Unfortunately, we don't currently know exactly when this update will arrive in Apple's App Store, but we'll definitely - as always - keep you updated.

SpellTower is available as a Universal app for £1.49 / $1.99.

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