Yahoo has managed to get its mitts on the first details concerning the next version of Angry Birds (teased earlier today) - Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds Space will be the fourth major release (not counting level updates or the like), and sees everyone’s favourite furious avians transplanted up into a zero gravity environment. That sounds like a recipe for disaster, surely?

In space, no-one can hear you squawk

This shift away from Earth-like physics means new additional features are at play, including slow-motion puzzles and ‘lightspeed destruction’.

There will be some new faces appearing next to the familiar crew, as well as new ‘super powers’ to try out.

Angry Birds Space will be lauching on March the 22nd on an unspecified number of platforms (but we’d hazard a guess and say Android and iOS are among them).

You can keep up to date with any new updates to the game by visiting the official Angry Birds Space website.

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