It would seem that the Xperia Play will soon be getting an optimised version of Super Monkey Ball 2, although it's unclear at this stage whether rumours refer to Super Monkey Ball 2 or Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition.

Droid Gamers was the first to notice something afoot, when SEGA's recent Valentine's Sale for Android listed Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition, an iPhone game that doesn't appear on the Android Market.

The eagle eyes over at Xperia Gamer then noticed information posted on Sony's VIP portal for all things Xperia, which suggested a forthcoming Xperia Play optimised release for Super Monkey Ball 2.

Here's the haps

So, here's what we know. The Xperia Play is likely to see an optimised release of at least one version of Super Monkey Ball 2. Whether or not the game will also launch for other Android devices, or if the Play might enjoy some period of timed exclusivity, is also unclear at this time.

iOS iterations of the Super Monkey Ball franchise suffered from some wonky accelerometer controls, so a Play optimised release would hopefully clear up such issues.