Well, hello there! We're going to assume that if you've found your way to this page, it's because you're looking for ways to gain publicity and promote your app.

If that is the case, then the good news is there's a range of simple things you can do right now to make the most of our channels and, hopefully, give your creation an edge in the ever more competitive app stores.

7 ways you can promote your game on PG right now!

  • 1) Tweet us on Twitter at @PocketGamer.
  • 2) Comment on our Facebook page or Google+.
  • 3) Post information in our forum.
  • 4) Submit your video trailer directly via our automated page.
  • 5) [cough] Advertise! - You can promote your game directly on Pocket Gamer with a wide range of advertising options, including banners and sponsored features. These options range from as little as $100. Mail us now at advertising [at] pocketgamer.co.uk for details.
  • 6) Sign up at PocketGamer.biz - you'll get the latest on all the b2b news and on upcoming events where you get to pitch to us directly. Plus, be ahead of the pack when we launch our new PG network.
  • 7) Make sure you've submitted what we need - read the general advice for PR section on our Contact Us page.

Even more ways to promote on the Steel Media Network

Aside from that, you should also check out some of the other sites and services in the Steel Media Network that can help promotion:
  • AppSpy > The leading video reviews site for iOS games> mail editorial [at] appspy.com
  • Qualityindex.com> See how your game or app ranks in our critical round-up.
  • FreeAppAlliance> If you've got a free app (or are thinking about putting your paid app free for a short promotion), then check out our new service.
  • PocketGamer.biz> The leading b2b hub for the mobile games business, with all the news, features, and interviews you need to know, plus links on upcoming parties.
  • App Promoter> Although we don't run it ourself, we'd also recommend having a look at the new automated PR services on offer from our friends at appromoter.com. Its core package is just £149.

That's about it for now (although we will be launching some new services in the near future, so stay tuned).

We hope that's all proved useful and that we can help play a part in making your app a massive success!