If you've visited Pocket Gamer over the past few weeks, you'll probably already know about Dream Heights: Zynga's latest social iOS game that features more than a passing resemblance to NimbleBit's Tiny Tower.

Dream Heights launched yesterday around the world, and was promptly greeted by a myriad of one-star App Store reviews from angry NimbleBit fans.

Controversially, it appears that Zynga has attempted to combat this by bumping up its average rating with its own review scores.

As you see from the picture below, which was posted on Twitter by NimbleBit's Ian Marsh, at least two Zynga employees have given Dream Heights a five-star review.

A producer at Zynga even went as far as to state that the game is "beautiful, fun, and polished", before calling it "another must-play from Zynga".

The other side

Since the launch of Dream Heights, NimbleBit's Ian Marsh has regularly taken to Twitter to air his opinions.

"I've been told that it can cost considerably more to market apps with lower iTunes ratings. That is interesting…" one tweet read.

You don't have to be an expert MI6 code cracker to notice the subtle hint in that tweet.

Tiny Tower [download] and Dream Heights [download] are both available on the App Store for free.

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