Simogo's intriguing new iOS title Beat Sneak Bandit has arrived on the New Zealand App Store, meaning it'll be appearing in the US and UK from midnight tonight.

Beat Sneak Bandit blends the unrelated fields of stealth creeping and rhythmic tapping together to create one of the most unusual-looking games to hit iOS for a long time.

Cheese it!

Your task is to carefully make your way past guards and other obstacles in the level in order to snaffle up a selection of clocks left around the building.

Making life ever so slightly complicated for you is the fact that everything from the doors and the guards to your character himself moves to the jazzy beat of the soundtrack.

Try and move offbeat and a clock will vanish, depriving you of the maximum score for that level. Forward planning is, therefore, essential. If you're struggling to work out what I mean, take a look at the video below.

Beat Sneak Bandit is out from midnight tonight as a Universal app, priced £1.99 / $2.99.

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