Rovio has launched the Facebook version of Angry Birds, introducing a wealth of social features and special items into the worldwide phenomenon.

Angry Birds on Facebook (the proper title, if you were wondering) includes two level packs from the original game, so if you've played the title to death on other platforms, then the layouts should look rather familiar.

It also comes with a whole new set of levels called Surf and Turf, which see you bashing pigs on the beach.

Let's wing it

What isn't familiar about this version of Angry Birds is the batch of unique power-ups that have been added, including the ability to add a target reticule, power shot, Super Seeds (that make your birds huge), "Birdquake" (earthquake), and - yes - the Mighty Eagle.

These are, as you might expect from a Facebook game, purchasable with real money from the shop, or handed out as rewards for playing on consecutive days.

Also sorta new is the addition of leaderboards down the side of the screen, showing you how close you are to all your friends' scores.

Even this burnt-out bird flinger found himself getting oddly competitive when he saw his attractive visage overtake Keith's, so I expect this to be the big draw for the veteran players out there.

If you log on to the Angry Birds on Facebook app today, you'll also pick up a rather nice Valentine's Day bonus with a dollop of extra items inside.

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