The fearsome foursome are in the booth this week to discuss all the latest controversies kicking about on iOS.

Our main focus from a news perspective is on reports that bot farms are being employed to 'fix' the free app charts, an issue that a lot of folks in the industry know of but are unwilling to talk about. There's also a discussion on cloning (again) following the removal of Temple Jump from the App Store.

In the New Releases section, I receive a beatdown from Peter thanks to his superior knowledge of Japanese bullet-hell arcade machines, while Corpse Party receives one of the most bruising attacks you're ever going to hear from the man who reviewed the game on PSP.

We've been playing a rather eclectic bunch of titles this week, with Eufloria HD being my current poison, End Night confusing the heck out of Keith, and oldie puzzler The Secret of Grisly Manor keeping Peter up all night (well, for half an hour).