Exozet has just dropped Pocket Gamer a note to inform us (and indirectly you) that work on its forthcoming The Settlers of Catan spin-off card game for iOS The Rivals of Catan is going swimmingly.

"Why are you telling me this?" I vaguely hear you cry.

Well, the Germany-based developer sorta needs your help. To ensure this iOS version of The Rivals of Catan remains as faithful to Klaus Teuber's source material as possible (and to iron out some last-minute bugs), Exozet is inviting you, the hardcore Catan player, to become a beta tester for its two-player game.

If you fancy taking part and contributing in your own small way to the final stages of development of this much-anticipated boardgame conversion, click on this link.

Board silly

For those of you left scratching your head at the assorted mentions of 'Catan', 'Teuber', and 'boardgame', here's a description of The Rivals for Catan's gameplay live and direct from Wikipedia.

"Each player controls a principality of Catan, initially consisting of two settlements, a road between them, and six regions near the settlements, all of which are represented by cards. Throughout the game, players seek to expand their principality, scoring victory points for various features."