If you were wondering what the best-reviewed iPhone games on the web last month were, here's the Quality Index round-up for January to fill you in. If you weren't, well, here they are, anyway.

The Quality Index boasts over 160,000 reviews from websites like 148Apps, Pocket Gamer, and AppAddict, and uses a unique metric to create a single definitive score for each iPhone title.

Uphold the law

Via the selfless law-enforcing antics of the ninth-placed Kaptain Brawe, G5 Entertainment has helped set the tone for a January chart packed with virtual heroism.

Bounding over turn-based battler Hero Academy and into the #2 slot is 5th Cell's equally altruistic platformer Run Roo Run.

Meanwhile, Star Marine: Infinite Ammo's brand of semi-automatic justice has earned GlitchSoft's old skool side-scroller a home at #4 on our rundown of the highest-rated iPhone games of the past month.

And if you still find yourself crying out for a knight in shining armour, Hutch's visceral Smash Cops is parked in tenth place, ready to provide backup.

Qi's Top 10 iPhone games of January 2012



Qi rating Reviews
1. Triple Town 9.1 4
2. Run Roo Run 8.7 9
3. Jazz: Trump's Journey 8.5 11
4. Star Marine: Infinite Ammo 8.2 6
5. Backyard Bounce 8.2 3
6. Puzzlejuice 8.0 8
7. Hero Academy 8.0 5
8. Scramble With Friends 8.0 4
9. Kaptain Brawe 8.0 3
10. Smash Cops 7.9 11

N.B. While we only display the average score to one decimal place, the list is generated to further significant figures. We just don't show them all. And, naturally, this is a static graph based on live listings which are subject to constant change as new releases and reviews emerge. In order to provide a regular marker of the critical zeitgeist, however, we will continue to round up the best of the iPhone games released each month to provide the definitive Quality Index top ten.

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