From the studio behind ARDefender and Brain++, French outfit int13 has released its latest title Shogun.

Taking inspiration from classic Japanese shoot 'em up games, you control a space ship that's weaponed up so you can blast your way through waves of aliens thanks to massive firepower and crazy power-ups.

Tap and explode

Blending HD backgrounds with 2D pixelated ships, alongside an electro-rock soundtrack to bring the retro feel back to modern gamers, the game is compatible with the iCade peripheral and is available as a universal app for iPad and iPhone.

The game is free-to-play with additional missions available via in-app purchases.

Int13 has previously been responsible for AR games for Samsung's Wave phones amongst other devices, with ARDefender being one of the company's most popular title.

Shogun is out now on the App Store, and is also expected soon for Android Market.

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