The original Lumines is widely regarded as one of the best games available on the PSP. In fact, the block-matching rhythm-puzzler from 2005 is considered by many to be one of the best puzzle games ever made.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, Q Entertainment's James Mielke has shed some light on what to expect from the upcoming Ubisoft-published sequel, Lumines Electronic Symphony.

The basic concept of destroying blocks by grouping four blocks of the same colour together remains in tact. However, the developers are adding a third dimension to the visuals this time around, replacing the 2D sprites with full animated 3D cubes.

Get in line

In an effort to increase accessibility, the controls have also been overhauled to incorporate the front and rear touchscreen panels. Seasoned block-busters need not fear, though - D-pad and analogue stick controls will still be supported.

A new levelling system has been introduced to replace the old skin-chasing mechanic, meaning all points earned are converted into XP, which subsequently unlocks new skins and avatars.

Adding another extra element to the formula, the avatars themselves have now been imbued with abilities, with each avatar possessing a specific single-player and multiplayer skill.

Lumines Electronic Symphony will be out on the PS Vita on Feb 14th in the US, and Feb 22nd in Europe.