Is there a cooler-looking character than a man in a trenchcoat casually firing a shotgun at a huge tentacled beast? How about if that man was silhouetted?

I think we can all agree: that's pretty cool.

And that's basically the setup for InterWave Studios and Event Interactive's iOS title rComplex - the smartphone version of the indie dev's running-away-from-a-tentacled-beast game.


This new mobile edition of rComplex is built on the Unity3D engine; features seven environments to dash through, including the mysterious eponymous facility and some factory ruins; and even boasts a motorbike chase.

All the while, your universally cool protagonist is chased by a dark creature, which is apparently immune to shotgun shells. Annoyingly.

rComplex should be running onto iOS in Feburary, with Android and Windows Phone versions following at a later date.
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