With plenty of speculation about what's next from Rovio - apparently it has four games in development - we've had a hint... from Nvidia.

Speaking at the Mobile Game Forum 2012, Neil Trevett, Nvidia mobile content vice president, was asked a question about as mobile games move into 3D, how that will affect simple, casual 2D games such as Angry Birds.

"We've been speaking to Rovio, and they... " started Trevett, before stopping himself revealing too much.

Behind the scenes

"Let's just say Angry Birds can do a lot more," he said, pointing out the game currently uses a 2D physics engine, and there's no reason why it couldn't use a 3D physics engine, which would be more accurate and could provide more accessible gameplay in terms of camera control, for example.

"There's lots of things Rovio could do in terms of particle effects or volcanoes exploding in the background," Trevett added.

So, don't expect Angry Birds 3D, but it looks like Rovio is considering options in terms of making the game more complex in terms of graphical experience.